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Donate A Mammogram

Donate A Mammogram

22.08.2011 / Views

This event was open to the PUBLIC and donations for mammograms and bras was accepted at the event.. 

The cost of a mammogram for an uninsured patient is $80 - $120!  Early detection is a key factor to SURVIVING!!! Thank you for bringing the joy of a FREE mammogram to someone otherwise UNABLE to receive one! 

You can join us in the fight against breast cancer by supporting our mission to provide the necessary funding for women to receive lifesaving mammograms. As part of our commitment, we promise to direct your donations to the cost of mammograms to Joy to Life Foundation in Alabama.

VisionOne Inc.  is a non-profit organization that focuses on the concept of “Preventative Measures” that empowers the community to identify health issues while offering an action plan to promote a healthier approach to life and living.  Our mission to provide the necessary funding for women to receive lifesaving mammogram.



The Joy to Life Foundation is a non-profit organization providing free mammograms for medically underserved women under 50 years of age in 29 counties in South Central Alabama.   

Jessie's Place women in transitional shelters, along with Bra Recyclers will donate a portion of the bras to these deserving women. 

The Bra Recyclers - the bras are donated to breast cancer survivors and women in transitional shelters around the world. Ladies, let’s face it. Many of us have bras in our drawer that just simply don’t fit correctly, that we’ve hardly worn, or that we just plain don’t like anymore.  Make a difference...NOW accepting bra donations.


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